The Wizard Wants To Be Friends

We’ve been working on some cool friending stuff behind the curtain and we’re excited about the changes we’ve made. Building a strong network of friends on Hubbub is the key to your success.  Mountains of research all says the same thing - accountability to a strong network of support makes long-term, sustained, positive change work.

Friends are the key to your success. We can’t say it enough.

So, we’ve changed up friending to make it simpler to find your peeps. You can spread the word and recruit your friends and family via email; see who you know from work, Facebook and Twitter; and easily see who you’ve added to your friend network already. 

We want you to succeed. Create your network. It’s time to make some changes.

RIP Sally K. Ride

Inspire |inˈspīr

 fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something,

• create (a feeling, esp. a positive one) in a person

• (inspire someone withanimate someone with (such a feeling)

• give rise to

In May, we awarded this badge honoring Sally K. Ride.

"Today, astronaut Sally K Ride turns 61 years old. She was the first American woman in space. We think that is super cool. Who wanted to be an astronaut when they grew up? Hubbub did."


RIP Sally K. Ride.

Dog Days of Spring

We’ve been doing 2 pretty cool promotions with DoveLewis, a 24-hour non-profit animal hospital here in Portland. They’re basically an emergency room for pets that’s open 365 days a year - they’re the folks that are there when the scary stuff happens.

Next month they’re hosting some fun events and we’ve been helping our players get ready.

The first is this weekend - it’s the 10th Annual Pong-n-Gong this weekend at the Lucky Lab Beer Hall. It’s a single-elimination ping pong tournament. There will be mad skills on display - count on it.

We kind of love ping pong. Look for more challenges involving it all summer long.

The second is the Run for the Love of Dove, a 5K run or walk with your dog on Sunday, June 10.  Registration for this event closes on June 6 so there is still time to sign up. The Lucky Lab Beer Hall in NW Portland is the start and finish line. It’s going to be pretty great.

We’ve been getting our players geared up with a dog walking/running challenge. We think that getting into the routine of walking your dog is one of the best ways to stick to a exercise regimen. Dogs are really good at making you stick to a daily walk. Join Walk the Dog today!

Now for a gratuitous photo of some Hubbub dogs:

From 0 to 13.1

Last fall, Jeff Curtis declared that he was going to run the 2012 Portland Rock and Roll Half-Marathon. There are probably a fair number of people out there who uttered those same words and never gave it a second thought, let alone actually ran last Sunday.

For Jeff though, it was different. First of all, he is the CEO of the Rose Festival - the host of the R&R. ‘I didn’t know the date’ wasn’t going to work as an excuse. Second, he promised he’d do it - to his family, his Rose Festival staff and a blogger at The Oregonian. Third, he made his promise public by partnering with us to help him train. And by the way, he had never run a marathon - whole, half, eighth, sixty-fourth - nothing, ever before.

He didn’t give himself any loopholes.

He worked with Hubbub Coaches Steve and Michelle to develop a running plan as well as improve his overall fitness. They talked often - offering advice, encouragement and accountability. They tweaked the plan. They modified his diet. They helped him stick to the plan.

Jeff, before and after

It wasn’t easy. The wrong running shoes caused problems. His young family and demanding job took much of his time and energy. His family adopted a puppy. And running? Not his favorite activity.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster. But it wasn’t. This story has a happy ending.

Jeff trained. He kept going. He ran in the rain - this is Portland.

He ran the Shamrock Run 8K. He ran the Race for the Roses 10K. And on Sunday, May 20, he ran the first-ever Portland Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in just over 2 hours.

We applaud Jeff. This is no small feat. Going from non-runner to member of the 13.1 club is a crazy-big accomplishment and we’re proud of him - and proud that we helped him to achieve his goal.

Sports Bra Challenge

There is a very cool thing happening today in New York City (mainly) that is meant to raise some money for charity (which is cool) but is also meant to empower women to feel comfortable in their bodies (which is also very cool and no easy task.)

All day long, women will be working out in their sports bras.

No judgment. No embarrassment. No passing out from sucking it in.

It’s a pretty great idea.

The S.E.A.K. (Strive, Embrace, Achieve, Know) Foundation is holding this fundraising event to generate revenue for after school programs for girls. They are dedicated to helping girls feel comfortable with who they are, have inner confidence and achieve their goals. 

For those of use who aren’t in New York today, they’re suggesting wearing a sports bra when we walk the dog, run outside or take a yoga class. 

Reveal Yourself. Be Fierce. Be Fearless.

Like I said, it’s pretty cool.

Photo credit: Grace Courvoisier

Record breaking feats

Yesterday we shattered our previous check in record with a brand spankin’ new 4-digit number - 1,302.

The long and the short of it is that we pretty much know exactly how Usain Bolt feels everyday.

Help wanted

The Product team here at Hubbub Health is looking for talented, passionate engineers with experience building modern apps - Rails 3, iOS, Android, Amazon Web Services, javascript, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Git, HTML5, CSS. You get the point. 

Interested? email your resume to jobs at hubbubhealth dot com. Bonus points for code samples. Extreme bonus points for being an expert in 1980s pop culture, movie references across all genres, being a closet gaming nerd, into fitness and personal hygiene. youtube video bios FTW.

The cloud is raining.

Hi all - Hubbub is down (or partly down anyway). We are aware and working on it.

Warning, techno babble approaching.

Non techie version - some of you may be experiencing issues reaching hubbubhealth.com or using the iPhone app. We are aware of the issue and it should be resolved soon.

Techie version - sometime early this morning we lost 1 of our 2 DNS providers. The result is, some of you based on your ISP may not be able to reach hubbubhealth.com because your ISP is caching a bad name server address. We have restored service to the offending DNS provider and all settings are correct. Now they just need to propagate through the vast system of name servers and that can take a while based on varied caching policies.

Sorry. Hey isn’t it awesome we had 2 DNS providers though….? Yeah, we agree, not much consolation.

Thanks for bearing with us.

2:35pm PST - Update: based on the traffic we’re seeing this afternoon, it looks like things may be returning to normal. thanks again for your patience.

this video combines my love of 4 things: Star Wars, dogs, my VW and best of all, Hubbub!

levels and badges

Recently we tweaked our leveling algorithm to smooth out the steep leveling curve that occurred after Level 40. Some users jumped a few (or more) levels. This process did not award the Level badges if any thresholds were crossed. We’re awarding those badges this afternoon, so hold tight. If you were missing a Level badge, the next time you login you should get it.

thanks and Play Well. Together.

oh and p.s. - this affected approximately .001 of our user base.