Oh, the irony

Ironic and funny (in a sad way) given our previous post, but we just wanted to drop you all a quick note about a bug in our latest iPhone release.

Users who login with their Facebook account may experience a crash immediately after updating to our latest release, v 1.2.

We are aware of the issue and currently trying to figure out the cause and the fix.

In the mean time, if this problem is affecting you, you can delete the app and install it anew from the iTunes App Store and you should be able to login with your Facebook account just fine. We realize this isn’t optimal or the way it “should” work and that it’s an inconvenience. Sorry.

Always be Improving

We are not perfect by a long shot. But we are diligent, aware, listening and always at least aiming for perfection in all that is Hubbub. And frankly, when things don’t work right it seriously bugs us.  Seriously. Bugs. Us.

We made some additions, some fixes and did some polishing to our iPhone app and it’s ready for you in the app store right now. Update or download it (for free) for the first time and experience Hubbub on the go. Check in while you walk, snap a pic of your lunchtime salad or memorialize your treadmill stats. The iPhone app is big on both the bells and the whistles.

For this update, we sped up and debugged the sign-in process and improved support for team challenges. And we’ve already started work on the next round of polishing and improving.

No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn.

Did you hear that?

Early this week you might’ve heard a sound that’s hard to describe. It was sort of a combination of a home team crowd reaction to a Game 7 World Series-winning home run and gigantic fireworks finale. Or at least that’s what it sounded like to us.

We completed beta testing. We’re for reals now. It’s ON.

686 (and counting)

We hit a pretty cool milestone yesterday while we were recovering from St. Nick’s visit. We - or you actually - hit the highest number of check ins ever with 686.

It’s pretty exciting because a year (ish) ago we could pretty much count daily check ins on our fingers and we knew just about everyone who was checking in. That’s all changed now and we’ve got users from all over the map and 686 of them (of you, presumably) checked in to a challenge on Hubbub yesterday.

We hope we’re helping them to make their lives better. After all, that’s what this is all about.

Play Well. Together.

Yes, Hubbub, there is a Santa Claus

Santa dropped by Hubbub HQ this morning and even took the time out of his busy schedule to pose for a group photo with the whole crew - well most of us anyway, one of our developers sprinted into the hallway when he savvied what was about to go down. The whole thing was more than a little bit surreal as it was 9:30am on a Thursday and the majority of the team was still a quart or so low on the coffee dipstick.

Though by now you’ll be near to bursting with anticipation to see said photo, sadly we don’t have it. Santa’s personal Annie Leibovitz zipped away with camera in hand to parts unknown. At this point we have no idea what evil deeds are afoot with the digital image.

We mention this visit from the Jolly Old Elf because there are a great many holiday -themed challenges happening right now - meant to help out with the next few weeks of pitfalls, pot holes, snags, quicksand and traps where your health will be put in peril.

Check out Step Away from the Christmas Candy Dish, Peace - For 10 Minutes, and Holy SLEEP Tight. To name just a few.

In place of our Hubbub Family photo with Santa, we offer these few prime shots.

The Fists and the Furious

By now you may have noticed, you’re no longer getting an email notification or in game message with every single fistbump you receive. No, this is not an error. Last night we introduced a change based on some pretty overwhelming and unhappy feedback about fistbump notifications.

Players were being flooded with messages, so much so they weren’t paying attention to them anymore. Inboxes were being clogged. New users who weren’t familiar with the feature thought our email system was broken.

We heard you.

So from now on, instead of being in game messaged and emailed about each and every fistbump you receive, players will get a weekly highlight reel of sorts, via email only. You’ll see how many you’ve received in the last week as well as your Top 10 most bumped activities. We think it’s pretty cool and hope you do too.

And if you really love seeing who bumped what exactly and when - you can still turn email notifications back on for fist bumps by editing your email notification settings in your profile.

Play Well. Together.

— the team @ Hubbub Health

Fun Fact Friday - Rodeo Edition

Few people know this, but our very own yalestar is also a (retired) professional rodeo clown - though he requires we use the term “rodeo protection athlete.” Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Flint Rasmussen, yalestar joined the rodeo circuit when he was ‘nigh on 13’ when he was able to remain upright in his barrel while evading the bull and blowing up balloon animals - his signature move and unfailing crowd-pleaser. Like Rasmussen, yalestar earned the coveted Coors Man in the Can award for 7 years running until a pancake makeup allergy flare brought a sad end to his performing career.

He turned to computer programming late in life but has truly become an asset to the Hubbub team. And on casual Fridays he sometimes wears his barrel.

Happy Bosses Day to our push-up-addicted leader! We were going to let you take us out to lunch but we got hungry and left without you.

Happy Bosses Day to our push-up-addicted leader! We were going to let you take us out to lunch but we got hungry and left without you.

Fun Fact Friday - Twins Edition

Taking our cue from those awesome morning radio shows - hey! we’re Hub and Bub in the morning and we use words like zany! and wacky! and outrageoussss! - and we’re starting Fun Fact Fridays here on the ole’ blog.

Or we’re doing it today anyway. And maybe again next Friday. We’ll see.

So here goes:

On our cozy little team that numbers only a dozen, we have 2 individuals who are each twins.

What’re the odds?!

(note: we tried to figure out the odds but it quickly got too confusing and complicated - suffice it to say, we think it’s unusual.)


Snap & Step

Today we’ve launched our first iPhone app centered contest! As we’ve said before - we’re pretty enamored with the Prove It! feature and this contest requires 3 photos for completion. Download the app and check out the Snap & Step challenge.  We’re giving away Nike shoes and Omron pedometers to lucky winners.